2020 Legislative Education Booklet and Bill From other States

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2020 Legislative Education Booklet and Bill From other States

We are working with Legislators to educate them on the severely flawed system that is the Vaccine Program.  In this book we address the lack of access to medical care for families who do not vaccinate or have chosen alternative schedules.  We highlight the discrimination and bullying that occurs in pediatrician offices and the nearly complete shunning of unvaccinated children from practices in Nevada.  We educate on the failed surveillance system that the CDC and ACIP rely on to approve new vaccines.  We discuss the inadequate training of doctors on both vaccine injury and proper reporting.  The use of this booklet is multifactorial:  Educate yourself to speak about the flaws in the testing, safety, monitoring, reporting and surveilling of vaccines;  speak to legislators about this deeply flawed system and share with people new to the issue.  This booklet address the gaps in the system, exposes the discrimination, questions the current lack of scientific monitoring and safety tracking.  Does not questions vaccines per se.  Appeals to the logic of:  How can we mandate a product and call it 100% safe and effective when there is no recognition of vaccine injuries, minimal reporting, failing system of surveillance, human error, bias and prejudice against parents who report injuries and zero informed consent for injuries known to exist per vaccine inserts, VAERS and the Vaccine Court?  Please feel free to download and use to educate our legislators before bills start dropping this August, 2020.  Your financial support to produce, print and lobby these materials is much appreciated.

Accompanying document:  Bills We Need in NV 2020



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